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Scarborough Arts Member Profiles

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1st August

Who are our members? What are their stories?

Enjoy our intimate video profiles of select SA artist members.
As a celebration of diversity during Asian Heritage Month 2012, we produced three spectacular, intimate video profiles of selected Scarborough Arts Members. We’re celebrating our members while reaching out to new audiences, SA members and potential SA supporters. This is an ongoing initiative.


Lisa Ng


Shillan Jabbar


Scarborough Arts acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council Arts Investment Fund for this initiative.


Coming Soon: Scarborough Arts Podcast

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7th June

SA Behind the Scenes:

In-Development: Scarborough Arts Podcast

We have the capacity, we have the creativity, and we have the technology. In our position as the well established Local Arts Service Organization (what is a LASO?) we have the connections to reach out to a diverse, engaged cultural network.

Stay tuned in the late summer/early fall for the first Scarborough Arts Podcast; celebrating creativity and exploring the cultural fabric of Scarborough. This will be an ongoing experiment, where we can all flex our muscles as cultural leaders and artistic stewards of the East.

Please let us know if you’re interested in contributing.

Seeking Tech Guru: We’re currently looking for a tech guru who can help us capture the recordings and then edit together the first podcast.  We’ve got some sweet USB microphones: 2x Snowball Mics from Blue Microphones, in order to capture clean, crisp recordings, but we … Read More »


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27th May


Years: 2008 – 2012


A collaborative project between Scarborough Arts, Not Your Average Daycare, East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club, Children’s Aid Society of Toronto and Aisling Discoveries.

Scarborough CARES is a fully mobile, digital after school program for youth ages 6 to 12 provided with no cost to the parent or hosting school. Outfitted with a wide range of digital equipment (cameras, tripods, laptops and creative software) CARES encourages the “middle years” to get hands on with technology, teaching them useful skills and tapping into their creativity in a fun & digitally-savvy environment.

Working in different mediums with various digital art equipment and software, CARES combines imaginative storytelling and technical training while encouraging children to explore personal and social issues close to them. At the same time, CARES provides a safe and creative space where children can have fun while they learn.

CARES is … Read More »


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