Artist Opportunities

Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre

Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre has a charitable, multi-service organization, which offers a wide variety of recreational activities. The BBNC also offers infant and preschool programs, kids programs, youth employment project, older adult programs, active and able programs, adult fitness and wellness programs, SHARE Christmas programs, volunteer programs, and more!

For additional information on Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre, click here or contact Enrique Robert, the Executive Director, here:

Art Barn School

Art Barn School is a non-profit school in Toronto. It has a wide variety of visual art mediums. Art Barn is open to anyone and all ages. Art Barn respects the need for a healthy environment and being environmentally responsible. Art Barn also caters parties and offers winter break, March break and summer break camps!

Art Barn School encourages feedback. For more information about Art Barn, please contact Executive Director Linda McMaster or click here.

Art Work Art School

Art Work Art School is a positive and creative community art school, offering art-related workshops and classes for adults, teens, and children. Classes include intro to abstracting, focusing on print-making, watercolour direction, drawing, gilding, fresco, clay, casting and carving, oil and acrylic, portraits, mixed media, anime action, sculpting, and much more!

For more information about Art Work art School, please click here or contact

Avenue Road Arts School

Avenue Road Arts School offers a wide range of classes and workshops, all varying from adult classes, classes for kids and teens, off-site classes, fall workshops, and much more!

Furthermore, Avenue Road Arts School is a “creative oasis for preschoolers, kids, teens and adults who want to develop skills in the arts, challenge themselves, unleash their imagination and have fun!”

For additional information about Avenue Road Arts School, please click here.

Scarborough Bluffs Music

Scarborough Bluffs Music is an affordable program, which believes that children should be actively engaged in the arts, and that there is a genuine need for music in children’s lives. Scarborough Bluffs Music has such music courses as hand drumming, group drumming, piano, piano keyboard, vocal music, guitar, and music and movement.

Private lesson fee (20/30 min) $9/$12
Group lesson fee (45/55 min) $6
Piano keyboard (group) (55 min) $8

For additional information on Scarborough Bluffs Music, please email or click here.

Unison Academy of Music

Unison Academy of Music is a Toronto-based music store, which provides the community with affordable access to music lessons that aid individuals to be comfortable with learning instruments, such as piano, guitar, violin or cello.

Unison Academy of Music encourages students of all levels to participate in festivals. Trophies are provided to all participants. Students at Unison Academy of Music can be prepared with training from the RCM syllabus. Tuition fees start at $18.00 per half-hour private lessons.

For more information on Unison Academy of Music, please email or click here.

Jazz Performance Centre’s Music in the Schools Program
JPEC is a not-for-profit, charitable arts organization dedicated to the preservation and continued development of jazz in Canada. JPEC’s Music in the Schools Program covers the costs of bringing a professional musician into a school to interact with students. The schools that qualify for this program are those in “high needs” areas, priority neighbourhoods, or those without a music program. The musician will conduct free interactive workshops for students.

JPEC maintain a variety of musicians on their roster, and welcome and encourage each school’s feedback. Please see JPEC’s website here for more information, or contact Sandy Thomas, Chair of the Outreach Committee for the Jazz Performance and Education Centre, here:


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