Call for Submissions — Something Different: 32nd Annual Juried Exhibition and BIG ART BOOK

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32nd Annual Juried Exhibition and BIG ART BOOK

2017 Theme: Something Different

Submission Deadline: October 10, 2017

Something Different

For Scarborough Arts’ 32nd Annual Juried Exhibition and BIG ART BOOK, we are looking for Something Different—i.e. visual art and literary pieces that demonstrate a radical approach to or experimentation in style, form, material, display methods, subject matter, or technique.

The arts is a space where individuals can freely express, explore and respond. As visual artists, mixed media artists, photographers, writers, musicians and performers, we challenge ourselves in our practice, product and identity. Through our artworks, we continue to push boundaries and conversations. We have purposely chosen to be and to create “something different.”

This year, the program invites you to explore and celebrate the practices that makes you as an individual or as an artist, and your artwork, different!

What sets your artistic practice apart from others?
How are you unique in your medium/media?
How are you unique in your explored themes and subjects?
How are your works innovatively displayed or presented?
How is your creation something different?

We leave the interpretation of this theme up to you, the artist. Pieces should relate to the theme, and will be selected based upon a combination of: artistic quality, technical execution and/or conceptual strength, originality and impact. There will be a separate jury for Visual Arts and Literary submissions and is made up of gallery and community arts professionals.


  1. Download the application form in MS Word or PDF. Please ensure that all fields are filled out clearly and properly in blue or black ink. Incomplete submission forms will not be considered.
  2. Return the completed form to us by email, mail or in-person. Mailed application forms must be postmarked no later than October 10, 2017 and must include a digital version of your submission (CD or USB key). Emailed or in-person deliveries must be received on or before Tuesday, October 10, 2017. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM.
  3. Images sent via email must be high-resolution images (300dpi or higher) in .pdf, .tiff or .psd format. Literary works are limited to 100 words and must be submitted with no formatting in .doc, .dox, or .rtf format. Please name files as: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_TITLEOFPIECE (i.e. SMITH_JANE_THEAPPLE).
    Scarborough Arts
    1859 Kingston Road
    Scarborough, ON M1N 1T3
    EMAIL: (Subject Line: SOMETHING DIFFERENT 2017)
  4. If submitting to both the Annual Juried Exhibition and the BIG ART BOOK, payments can be accepted by cash (in-person only), cheque (via mail), credit card (over the phone), or via PayPal (click HERE). 

Application Deadline: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 5 PM. Late entries will not be considered.
Exhibition Dates: December 2-18, 2017
Exhibition Location: Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, 225 Confederation Drive
Reception, Publication Launch, and Awards: Saturday, December 2, 2017, 6-8PM at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre

For more information, visit or contact Scarborough Arts at 416.698.7322 or

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16 responses to “Call for Submissions — Something Different: 32nd Annual Juried Exhibition and BIG ART BOOK”

  1. Pam says:

    Do u have to be a member to summit artwork

  2. n says:

    summit the artwork!

  3. Esam jlilati says:

    What the meaning, in the submission fees check boxes-the third one with “Free I would like to apply for the BIG ART BOOK” ? is to apply to have artworks printed in the book or to buy the book?

    • scararts says:

      Hi Esam,

      It is free to submit your works to the BIG ART BOOK, but you would still have to pay to obtain a printed copy of the book.

      We also publish the book online on so you are able to access it digitally for free.

      -Scarborough Arts

  4. qqq says:

    If I live here but not the permanent residence of Canada, can I submit my works

  5. Indra Ramdass says:

    Your reply to a previous question above is “It is free to submit your works to the BIG ART BOOK, but you would still have to pay to obtain a printed copy of the book”
    However, the submission form says something different – it says that the big art book is free, but it is $30 submission fee for non members and $20 fee for members. This is confusing to people who wish to submit

  6. Mohammad says:

    Is the poem submission free?

  7. May I submit prints on canvas of the original, in the actual size for SOMETHING DIFFERENT? Or do you need me to bring the original painting?

    Uma Ramakrishnan

    • scararts says:

      Hi Uma,

      For now, we just need you to email us images/photos of your work. Please do not bring in prints and/or the original painting.


  8. B says:

    Hello! Will everyone that submit get notified as to whether they were accepted or not? Thank you

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