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SA Together was a year-long residency program that offered support to local arts and culture groups, social and educational collectives, and non-for-profit collectives and organizations working in or based out of Scarborough. The program offered capacity-enhancing tools while building stronger connections between collectives through resource-sharing and by working together. Participants of SA Together received free access to Scarborough Arts’ space, marketing and public relations support, professional development workshops and educational resources, and access to funding that went towards each of the participating group’s events or activities during the run of the program. 

SA Together ran from November 2016 to September 2017. 



MVDHOUSE offers music and film-making services to emerging artists in the Scarborough area completely free of charge. Their focus is on managing artists and organizing events. 

With the help of Scarborough Arts, MVDHOUSE gained the knowledge, skills, and support that they needed to help promote more artists throughout the city, and providing them with the resources that they need to grow. 


Pulari Collective was founded in 2016 by three female artists whose artistic visions and linguistic backgrounds brought them together. They work together to create multidisciplinary art reflective of their lived experiences, collective histories, and memories. 

Their primary interest is in using art as a way of connecting with people and communities, to initiate dialogues for continuous learning and sharing. In August of 2017, they were able to do just that as they performed their multi-media performance piece VADAVAI in the Bluffs Gallery during Scarborough Arts’ Alive With Art festival. 



Frances Potts is a visual artist working in Scarborough. 

As a resident of SA Together, Frances was able to explore the symbiotic relationship between art and community, noting that the community benefits from art opportunities through the revitalization of their neighbourhood, participation and/or collaboration, while artists benefit through compensation, promotion and gratification. 


The Wave Artist Collective was born out of a need for more impactful arts programming in Scarborough. They are the creators of the Wave Runners Program, a program that provides youth with the resources, mentorship, and entrepreneurial skills necessary to consistently and sustainably create digital media art. 

SA Together provided the collective with the foundations needed to help them achieve their goal of supporting youth through the Wave Runners Program.



The Sweat Stain Collective is a Scarborough based organization that is working to support healthy initiatives throughout the community. They acknowledge health inequality and strive to promote health access for all. Ultimately they aspire to inspire transformations of body and mind.

During their time as residents of Scarborough Arts’ SA Together program, the Sweat Stain Collective was able to achieve their goal of using health and fitness as a vehicle to promote a community-wide discussion about physical and mental health, and  the social and structural determinants of health.

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