Camila Wong’s The Evolution of Self-Identity

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The Evolution of Self-Identity
Featuring works by Camila Wong
Curated by María Alejandra Olórtegui Ibáñez

Exhibition Dates: May 3 to June 28, 2018
Opening Reception: May 11, 3 PM–5 PM 
Bluffs Gallery at Scarborough Arts
1859 Kingston Road

The Evolution of Self-Identity
presents art works created by Peruvian born artist, Camila Wong. Wong’s exhibit explores self-identity through the combination of themes relating to art therapy, everyday life, humour, reflection, environment and social issues. Wong’s works can be seen to depict her bold artistic style of applying heavy paint and using repetitive, expressive energetic lines and brushstrokes to create optical illusion, lively movement, harmony and unity.

“I use painting as form of art therapy. I see it as a medium that is therapeutic and can help us to heal and express our feelings about the rights, the wrongs and the comedy of our everyday lives.  

As a hard of hearing artist who began to paint at young age, this medium quickly became a big part of my identity as I experimented with many different ways, ideas and views of creating art from impressionism to semi-abstract.

Art has even helped me to learn how to communicate better. Through art I found a way to visually communicate and express thoughts, emotions and imagination in order to encourage a collaboration of emotional, cognitive and sensory processes that have the ability to inspire positive vibes, a sense of mindfulness and the strength to improve a person’s quality of life.

While personal, I believe that my works use of repeated bold brushstrokes and different shapes expressed through bold colours also works to support open interpretation for each viewer. From old works to recent works, I have evolved as I’ve grown and explored many different views, concerned with things like the environment, social issues, and family issues through the perspective of Latin American art.”

— Camila Wong, May 2018

Camila Wong is a Peruvian born artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Wong began drawing and painting at a young age, often attending a variety of visual arts classes throughout her youth before receiving her BFA in Drawing and Painting, as well as Illustration from OCAD University.

Wong’s main artistic influences are Latin American art, Vincent Van Gogh, and Chuck Close which can be seen to have inspired her use of bold colours and energetic brush strokes.

In addition to her paintings, Wong often explores other artistic mediums and techniques, including creating both digital and print illustrations for children’s books, online blogs, magazines and private client commissions. Her works have appeared in OCAD textbooks, have been exhibited in group shows, and Wong has also performed at several live painting events throughout Toronto.

Camilla Wong was the winner of Scarborough Arts’ CANVAS CLASH Competition at Alive with Art 2017

Facebook: @comilart
Instagram: @camilart
Twitter: @comilart



One response to “Camila Wong’s The Evolution of Self-Identity”

  1. Aurea Lorena Pajares says:

    Camila, en sus cuadros nos enseña la ternura y amor por nuestras costumbres, y naturaleza del Peru, dejando plasmado en sus cuadros la diversidad de colores que dejan soñar nuestra naturaleza.
    Quiero expresar mi reconocimento a Camila que dia a dia va creciendo y llegará a ser una artista con un gran futuro. Saludos Aurea Pajares


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