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Robert Allen
Visual: My artistic strengths are in the detail of pencil and dynamic of watercolor for animals, country and city scenes.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-787-0370

Maria Lucia Amaral
Visual: acrylic paintings, drawings, ceramics, photography, illustrations

Saba Ambreen
Visual artist:  Most of my work is based on pen, ink and oil. I love to make portraits and landscapes.

Maria Anastasiades
Visual artist : I paint in acrylic and oil. Published a book of poetry and photography:  Refections on Reality

Ellen Anderson
Volunteer Executive Director/Founder of Creative Spirit Art Centre studio & public art gallery “dedicated to advancing the creative power in artists with disabilities.”
Email: csac [at]

Fariha Anjum
Visual: acrylic paintings, making jewellery, art cards and more.
Contact info: Address Phone: 647-876-1406.
Email: anjum.fariha14 [at] yahoo.comtd>

Kiernan Antares
Visual artist: Awakening Goddess Artistry in acrylic painting and poetry, telling deep rich stories that offer healing and hope for the feminine soul.
Contact info.: 95 Thorncliffe Pk. Dr. #4010, East York, ON M4H 1L7
Tel. 416-467-8469
email: kiernan[at]

Janice Arnott
Visual art: Photographer: freelance; photographs & digital art prints for sale, digital art; individual/family portraits, products, events, special occasions and landscape photographer.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-261-3541.  Facebook: JaniceArnottPhotography;Flickr:, Twitter: Janice Arnott [at]janice_arnott,
email: arnottphotography [at]


Katerina Baboulas
Visual: I am very ill and painting to help raise awareness for Lyme Disease/chronic illness to help fund my treatment.
Contact info: Address  Phone: 416-282-5865
Email: katerina.baboulas [at]

Elizabeth Bacon
Visual: Paintings oils, acrylics, watercolours, joamixed media, collage. Landscape, cityscape, still-life, fantasy. Home studio viewings by appointment.
Contact info: address Phone: 416-699-3986

Mary Ann Barker (paint under MA Barker)
Visual: I paint acrylic on canvas and paint landscapes, florals, portraits, still life & everything. Have been painting all my life. I also craft unusual works.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-499-6861
Email: vision1 [at]

Wendy Carmichael Bauld
Visual:  Award winning, internationally recognized artist, working in both abstraction and figurative. Represented by galleries in Canada, New York and France.
Email:  paintmewendy [at]
2186 Mountain Grove Ave., Ste. 247
Burlington ON L7P 4X4   Phone: 905-467-4050

Sheila Bello
Poet and writer
Email: sheilabello28 (at); Phone: 416-724-0702

Mussarat Bhatti
Visual: Landscape, drawing and still life paintings.
Contact info: Email: mussaratbhatti [at]

Keith Bower
Visual:  acrylic on board and canvas, landscapes, urbanscape and photography
Contact info.: 50 Trudelle St., #202, SCARB ON M1J 1Z3
Phone:  416-648-7410

David Brandy
Visual artist: Uncanny fine art photography. “Imagine an instance where something can be seen as both beautiful yet alien at the same time, resulting in a feeling of disquieting strangeness. That’s the uncanny – the opposite of what is familiar.” My photos are available to view and purchase on my website.
Photographer: I am also offering a new premium fine art product, The Art of the Cottage, where I offer my photography services to clients who own a cottage or vacation property. Learn more about this new service on my website and on The Cottage Life.
Email: dbrandy [at]

Stephanie Brennan
Visual Artist who paints with acrylic, watercolour, gouache; also does
illustration and comics.
E-mail: stephbrennan4 [at]

Scott Brewster
Visual: painting, drawing.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-615-2467
Email: sbrewster [at]

Helen Brier
Craft: Handcrafted functional pottery, Raku pottery.
Contact info:  tel. 416-686-0580
Email: hbrier [at]

Gary Burtt
Visual: pop art paintings, acrylic on canvas.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-837-1700
Email: gary [at]


Craig Carty
Visual artist: landscape painter in acrylics
Phone:  416-894-6407
email: craigscarty [at]

Mary Lee Chisholm-Morgan (ML’s Studio 48)
Visual & Craft: ML’s Studio 48 is dedicated to the stitching, teaching and professional framing of Japanese bunka embroidery.
Contact info: Address Phone: 647-237-6071
Email: marylee.chisholm-morgan [at]

Shirley Clark
Visual: acrylics and pastels
Contact info:  7 McMillan Ave., SCARB ON M1E 4B4, Phone: 647-287-8407

Patrick Connors
Pat Connors chapbook of poetry, Scarborough Songs, will be released by LYRICALMYRICAL Press in June 2013.  He was literary juror of Big Art Book 2013.  He was lead artist for the morning program at the inaugural Making A Living; Making Art.  He was a billed performer at Subtext Multi-Arts Festival, and has read at many Scarborough Arts events.  He contributed to Surface & Symbol, and promotes Scarborough Arts on
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-391-6746
Email: pconnors69 [at]

Robert Cook
Fusion Art – your ideas – my art. Caricatures, poems and thoughts, visual, craft, literary, performing artist.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-716-7986
Email: robert.cook.00 [at]

Wendy Cooper-Parkinson
Wendy is a visual artist working primarily in fine art photography. Other mediums include collage, mixed media and enamel on copper
Contact:  416-220-6904

Marilyn Couto
Visual: Acrylic paintings, mixed media, photography
Contact info: Email: sophie16 [at]

Jan Creelman
Visual: Cotton, wax and dyes (Batik)
Contact info: 647-542-7664
Email: jan.creelman(at)


Sandy Davidson
Craft – original handmade jewellery
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-322-8032

Tiffany Dawe
Visual: I am a self-taught artist – love painting watercolours and acrylic. I am inspired by nature and the world around me.
Contact info: Address Phone: 905-509-5582
Email: tiffany.dawe [at]

Christine de los Santos
Visual & craft artist: I am mainly a sketch artist, but I also love doing arts and crafts. I paint sometimes and jot a few poems as well.
17 Canandine Rd., SCARB ON M1P 3P9
Tel. 416-882-4300
email:  cdelossantos[at]

Mario Dimain
Visual & literary artist: photography, fine arts, graphic arts, blog, book writing, (short stories, reflections, fiction and non-fiction)
email:  artisticam[at]

Susan Dimitrakopoulos
Visual: photography (nature photography, birds, wildlife, flowers, scenery) and painting, abstract & landscape, acrylic, watercolour, ink & mixed media
email: susan [at]  or  skybird [at]
Website:  and

Marina Dranitsaris
Craft: Stained glass artist
Contact info: Address 416-267-3226
Email: mdranitsaris [at]

Dan Driscoll
Visual artist: woodcarver / sculptor
145 Highview Ave., SCARB ON M1N 2J2   Phone: 416-691-4672

Ailish Dunn
Visual artist, acrylic, watercolour, sketching, surrealism abstract, poetry, geometric painting, drawing, Irish dancing, modern dancing and acting
Contact info: ailish_rules22 [at]



Diane Elkin
Art Teacher and Artist in Acrylics, Watercolours and Oils. Presently teaching Art to seniors twice a week at Pine Tree Seniors Centre – an EPC program of Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities
Contact info: Phone: 416-287-5994
Email: dianeelkin [at]

Marita Engel
Visual: Painting & drawing in various media, style of Group of Seven. Exhibits & commissions. Prices range from $150 to $2000.
Contact info: Address

Sue Ennis
Visual: Painter/ Art Teacher, specializing in abstract paintings in oil and in acrylic.

Theresa Evans
Visual Artist:  paint and draw in many mediums; landscapes, birds, animals, flowers; make photo cards.
Contact info.: 9 Cushendun Rd. SCARB ON M1E 2B4   Tel. 416-284-7057


Eileen Fabian
Visual: I am an oil painter but I also paint with acrylic and watercolour.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-282-8647
mail: frankeileen [at]

Ihssan Farhat
Visual artist
20 Antrim Crescent, #1210
Toronto ON M1P 4N3
Tel. 647-834-4026

Rachelle Maltais Fitzpatrick
Visual: Acrylic painter, landscapes, notebooks and gifts related to artwork
Contact info:  30 Livingston Rd., #9
Phone: 416-269-6881
Email:  info [at]

Evette Forde
Visual: Contemporary and abstract paintings; Acrylic, oil, mixed media exhibits locally
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-284-3999
Email: evetteforde [at]


Todd Germain
2 North Dr., #302
Tel. 416-699-4006
email:  toddger [at]
Visual artist: oils, seascapes with knife. Enjoy sailing, surfing, playing guitar and painting the seascapes of my travels.

Allen Glynn
Visual artist: photography, still, digital, light painting
32-2020 Pharmacy Ave.
Toronto ON M1T 1H8
Tel. 416-495-8309
email:  mag[at]

Mark Graham
Visual artist: Acrylic, watercolour, mixed media. Abstract stylistic, mixed with realism
Contact: 30 Denton Ave., #1802, Toronto ON M1L 4P2
Phone: 905-550-1157

Tracy Grant
Toronto-based film and television producer specializing in animation and visual effects. Television credits include children’s fare such as Justin Time and Sticking Around. Film credits range from international award-winning short films to Hollywood blockbusters including Goosebumps starring Jack Black. Recent projects include the feature film Spark: A Space Tail, featuring the voices of Jessica Biel and Sir Patrick Stewart and the CBCKids digital series, CANAdooDAday. In my spare time, I’m also an Instructor at Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design.
Phone: 416-807-3308

Callie Gray
Visual: Vibrantly Colorful Canvases! Unique one of a kind Abstracts, Semi-Abstracts, Landscapes, Figurative Paintings, Still Life, Illustrative, Collages, Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Textural and Metallics.
Contact info: Phone: 416-799-7972

Sari & Joseph Grove
Contact info: Address
Email: grovecanada [at]


Marina Hanacek
Visual: Works in various media encaustic, acrylic, oil, collage, monoprints, and other techniques.
Mobile:  647-465-9504
Contact info: Studio 405, Case Goods Building, Distillery
Mon-Fri 11-2 p.m., Wed. 10-12 p.m.
Email: studiotisan [at]

Gwen Hayes
Visual: Painter watercolour, acrylics and oils. Expressive Arts Facilitator in studio or offsite. Consulting/coaching for those who are creatively self-employed.
Contact info: Phone: 416-264-0133
Email: gwenhayes [at]

Larry Herscovitch
Visual: Oil paintings of landscapes and portraits. Specializing in the Scarborough Bluffs area.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-222-9562
Email: flamenco93 [at]

Nancy Howell
Visual: Paintings celebrate historical native themes, including tipis, people with their animal spiritual guides, as well as nature’s finest wildlife.
Contact info: 515 Kingston Rd. W. Ajax ON L1S 6M1, Phone: 289-600-8097
Email: ravensong46 [at]

Wilson Huang (aka Wilson G. Venancio)
Visual: My art is an eclectic collection of techniques, acquired through years of watching others and self-teaching. I am inspired by the sights and sounds of majestic mountains, mighty falls and clouds viewed from way above.
Contact info: Address Phone: 647-833-3307
Email: wilson.huang [at]

Anthony C.J Humphrey
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-267-2259


Irina Hodoba Ignjic- IRAHOART
Fine Artist, Makeup Artist, Graphic and Web Designer.
Contact info: Phone: 647-899-0798
Email: irahoart [at]

James Ip
James is a photographer focusing on street photography – the art of capturing candid moments in public spaces. 
Instagram: @james_ip_photography



Ellen S. Jaffe
Literary artist: poetry, fiction, children’s author, teach writing workshops
Contact info.:  Phones  905-308-7683 / 905-577-1899
51 Chatham St., Hamilton ON L8P 2B3

Helen James
Visual: photography and egg tempera painting.
Email: artandhelenjames [at]

Jennylynd James
Fine Artist: landscapes, portraits, abstract florals in acrylic and oil (visible here).
Literary Arts: Author of a series of travel memoirs and art books.
Contact: Facebook or Artist Video

Sarah James
Crafts: Original handmade Canadian circular scarf/collars
Contact info: msgs: c/o Scarb Arts Council Phone: 416-698-7322
Email: sarah-james [at]

John Jansen in de Wal
Performing & Literary: Writer of 29 books of fiction and poetry. Member of several professional organizations. Supporter of Community Head Injury
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-208-3469
Email: jansen3469 [at]


Lori Kallay
Visual: Landscape realism in acrylic & watercolour. Volunteer at local primary school as art instructor for 12 years.
Contact info: Address
Phone: 416-266-0011
Email: lori.kallay [at]

Joan Kehoe
I am a published poet. Won several awards from Scarborough Arts. Recently published book, “Butterfly Born on a Windy Day” – . My work is in all Big Art Books.
Contact: 37 Copping Road, SCARB ON M1G 3J7 
Phone: 416-439-7120

Hector King Jr. 
Hector King Jr. is a photographer and a published writer. 
Contact Info: Facebook | Google+

Nick Kossovan
Literary: Experienced writer willing to take on your writing project.
Contact info: Address
Phone: 416-283-5860
Email: nick.kossovan [at]

Kesh Kumar
Literary: enjoy writing and reading
41 Howell Sq.
Toronto ON M1B 1C3
Phone: 647-558-7291


Malcolm Leach
Visual: Acrylic painter – landscapes, seascapes.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-526-8055
Email: malcolm1 [at]
Website: Website:

Chris Little
Tel. 647-456-8003
email: detnov [at]
Christopher Little B.F.A. OCADU  is a Toronto-based performer, writer, multimedia artist and “treader of the renaissance path.”

Joan Little
Literary:  writing in seniors’ group – short stories

Claudia Luk
Visual Art, Painting


Grace MacPherson
Visual artist: watercolour, landscapes & floral
Contact info:  Phone: 416-691-4401
Email: gracemacpherson [at]

Vera Malitskaya
Visual: I am a visual artist working in acrylic medium and also a freelance graphic designer.
Contact info.: 34 Dring St., Ajax ON L1T 4Y3       Phone: 647-836-6840

Joanna Marcinenas
Visual: Joanna graduated in Fine Arts from Ontario College of Arts in 1987. She mostly paints in watercolour and oil. Specializing in nature
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-444-2577

Leah Marcoux
Visual Artist: Textile/Fibre artist, craft/maker, emerging artist
Contact: 74 Neilson Ave., SCARB ON M1M 2S4  Phone: 905-483-5324

Anne Martin
Visual & Crafts: paintings and jewellery
Email: cedilloval [at]

William McConnell
Poetry, prose poems, short stories.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-283-5349
Email: wmcconnell [at]

Jean-Paul Mohammed
Drum maker, teacher, performer, jewellery and crafts of the Caribbean, drawer & painter, outdoor survival educator and traditional healer and historian.
Contact info.: 141 South Edgely Ave., SCARB ON M1N 3L3  Phone:  647-768-5474

Brigitte Mueller
Visual: I am a painter working primarily with watercolours and mostly miniatures. Preferred subject matter is landscape/ architectural. I also paint still life and animals. Commissions are accepted.
Contact info: Address
Email: bjmueller26 [at]


Jane Orr Novotny
Contact Info: Email:

John Nussbaum
Visual: Full time artist. Vibrant semi-abstract still-lifes, landscapes & florals. Bold colour combinations.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-635-8206
Email: j.nussbaum [at]


JC Olsthoorn
Scratch cook, raw poet, coarse artist, curator, and creator of digital photographic mixed media manipulations.


Sergei Petrov
Visual & performing: Film production – music videos, commercials, drama and
documentary films; wedding & event videography
Contact info: Phone: 416-887-1516
Email: sergei.petrov [at]

Liliana Pinzon
Crafts: Art dolls and design
Contact info.: Scarborough Arts 416-698-7322



Anne Queen
Visual and craft artist: Landscape painting, oil sticks, watercolours; recycled fabric landscapes; tie-dye landscapes, sockmonkeys; recycled felt animals
Contact info.:




Catherine Raine
Visual and literary artist:  collage art, photography, poetry, blogging and encaustic.

Doris Robinson
Visual: I work in 3-D fibre art, fibre sculpture, embroidery and stained glass.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-261-5221

Jeanette Rogerson
Visual: I paint in acrylics, watercolour and pastels & landscapes, flowers, abstract, etc.
Contact info: Address Phone: 647-348-3577
Email: rogersonfineart [at]

Joseph Roitner
Visual: My work ranges in style from representational to Cubism, surreal, semi-abstract to abstract, rendering over sixty years of painting – over 250 images on my website.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-266-7943
Email: jroitner [at]
Valerie (Val) Russell

Visual: Visual artist, treasurer Art Guild of Scarborough, member of Scarborough Players ECOAA, Scarborough Writers Association
Contact info: Address

John Rylaarsdam
Visual: painter in oil and watercolour.



Irene Sakata
Visual, Craft: Professional artist, acrylic paintings, jewellery maker and baker, teaches workshops in jewelley, baking, kimono doll and card making.
Contact info: Address Phone: (416) 787-7343
Email: irene-sakata [at]

Elaine Saliani
Visual: Paints all subjects in oils, acrylic and watercolour. As a nature lover, I prefer landscapes and florals.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-281-3542
Email: efsaliani [at]

Paul Sanderson
Visual: Fine Art Photography, poetry, and music.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-971-6616 ext. 225

Barry Scheffer
Visual & Craft: artist background and followed my hobby of photography, from commercial to scenic.
45 Livingston Rd., #701
Tel. 416-792-7249

Jackie Schuknecht
Contact info: Address Phone: 647-693-1956
Email: jlschuk [at]

Otilia G. Scriuba, Octavian Scriuba
Visual: Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Classes, Print on Canvas, Posters, Cards, Illustration
Contact info: otiliarts [at]

Andre Seguinot
Performing: Club Duango Sextet-Jazz Ensemble
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-699-6342
Email: abbeysmith [at]

Ranjit Sidhu
Visual: Rebellious, unconventional and profound Neo-Art Form Painting, Sculpture and Projects – accomplished veteran educator/artist.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-964-2467
Email: rsidhu [at]

Koreen Simon
Visual: Creator’s Work Photo & Video Decorations – photographic decorations for home or business
Contact: CreatorsWork [at]

Jean L. Spencer
Visual: Signature member Pastel Society of Ontario also works in oil, pen & ink, watercolours. No longer teaching, first love florals.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416 757 1633


Sneh Thakore
Visual, Performing, Crafts, Literary: Writer, painter, accredited translator, editor-publisher Vashudha, president Goodwill Literary Association, member of different community based associations.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-291-9534
Email: sneh.thakore [at]

Lenny Thomas
Visual: Landscapes, cityscapes and abstracts
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-896-1635
Email: lthomas000 [at]

Jack Tobin
Wildlife artist (charcoal, pencil & watercolour) and Educator; Project WILD Facilitator; Board member of Great Bear Foundation.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-604-5926
Email: tobinjack23 [at]

Ida Tong
Visual, Literary: Visual artist and experienced art restorer. An experienced art instructor who strives to enrich the artistic abilities and technical skills of her students.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-686-7384
Email: idatong21 [at]

Bob Tunnoch
Oil painting, mixed media, musician, bass player, songwriter
Contact:  107-71 Talara Dr.
North York ON M2K 1A3  Phone: 223-5477
Email:  kamekot [at]







Liz Walsh
Visual: acrylics, oils, watercolour.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-267-9398
Email: lizannawalsh [at]

Alex Webster
Visual artist: Toronto photographer, fine art, portraits, events and commercial still-life.
Contact info.: 72 Badgerow Ave., Unit 2,
Toronto ON M4M 1V4    Phone:  416-550-7873

Charles Weiss
Visual & Crafts: Expressing the world I live in using acrylic, watercolour painting and woodcarving.
Contact info: Address Phone: 416-752-4363
Email: charlesweiss [at]

Craig White (Caucasian)

Visual artist: digital illustration limited edition giclees
34 Greendowns Dr., SCARB ON M1M 2G7   Tel. 416-857-1293

Mel and Colleen Wilder
Bloomfield Studios
Visual & craft: Glass blowing / Bead making studio / gallery
Demonstrations and classes Saturday and Sunday until May long weekend, then from Friday to Sunday until Thanksgiving.
Contact info: Address Phone: 613-393-2237
Email: mel [at]

Nadia Wilson
Visual, literary: Scarborough based Poet and Jewelery maker.
Contact Info: Email: bobnadia [at]

Catherine Wood
Acrylic paintings, florals, scenery, beading, furniture decorative painting, crotcheting
Contact Info.: Scarborough Arts 416-698-7322

Paul Wood
Calligraphy, oil painting
221 Lakeshore Rd. E., #2
Mississauga ON L5G 1G5
Tel. 647-766-2194
Contact Info.: email  pmw102 [at]





Alan Yuill
94 Southampton Dr.
Tel. 416-266-1990
email:  hyuill[at]
Visual artist: photography, black & white, 4 x 5



Fan Zhang
Toronto fine artist, Canadian Society of Painter in Watercolour  ( CSPWC)  signature member, award winner of “1st Prize in Watercolour” and “Best Use of Colour”.
Fan’s Scarborough workshop offers solid fine art training from basic to advanced for children and adults.
Phone: 647-625-2098, 647-629-9361


Artisans at Work
2071 Danforth Ave.
Toronto ON M4C 1P1

Arts and Events Programming
University of Toronto Scarborough
1265 Military Trail, AA-313
Toronto ON M1C 1A4

Tel. 416-208-4769

Bel Canto Singers
We are a dynamic community based SATB choir. We perform 2 concerts per year, in early December and May. We also perform for seniors’ residences and in fundraisers for other organizations.

c/o Julia Peck
43 D’Arcy Magee Cres
Scarborough ON M1C 2T4

Tel. 416-284-3975

The Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
The Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (CCC), is a cultural hub for events and performances. Our active leadership promotes and fosters Chinese culture in an inspirational and relevant manner. Rental facilities include the 626-seat P.C HO Theatre, an 8,500 square foot Multi-Purpose Hall, and dance studio with two recreation rooms.  Versatile for live performances, art displays, physical and motion based activities and concerts. Rental fees are reasonable and competitive. Our experienced staff can help your vision come to life!  Please contact our rental office at 416-292-9293 x244 or e-mail

5183 Sheppard Avenue E.
Scarborough ON M1B 5V5

Creative Spirit Art Centre
CSAC public art gallery/studio in Art and Disabilities
999 Dovercourt Road
Toronto  ON  M6H 2X7

Tel. 416.588.8801
Fax. 416.588.8966
Email:  csac [at]

ijovudu Dance International
ijovudu strives to protect and preserve the authenticity of traditional African heritage and it’s art forms, to celebrate our ancestry, to educate and entertain a variety of audiences both nationally and internationally; through educational and cultural programming, ongoing music and dance classes, workshops for novice to the professional, as well as performances for festivals, stage and theatre. ijovudu engages audiences through awareness, spiritual grace and compassion and by doing this, we offer a unique perspective to the world.

3939 Lawrence Ave East
Scarborough ON M1G 1R9

Tel. 647-447-2865

Mural Routes Inc.
1859 KingstonRoad
Scarborough ON M1N 1T3

Tel. 416-698-7995

Scarborough Theatre Guild
Cedar Heights
P. O. Box 55530, 629 Markham Rd.
Scarborough ON M1H 2A4

Tel. 416-755 7422

Serenata Singers
60 Tidefall Drive
Scarborough ON M1W 1J2

Tel. 416-497 5952

Words, Rhymes & Life
Words, Rhymes & Life is a nonprofit organization working to rescue the novel from a dark and untimely demise. We put actual books into the actual hands of youth and young adults who are hungry for words but short on resources, and we connect them with a community of urban readers through free recreational programs offered all over the GTA. We also offer free collaborative writing workshops for Next Generation writers coming up with exciting contemporary, out-of-the-box prose that doesn’t quite fit a ‘literary’ stereotype (you know, written by a professor… about a professor), and we strive to connect them with quality resources for professional development. 

Tel. 416-460-6236 




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