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SA Behind the Scenes:

In-Development: Scarborough Arts Podcast

We have the capacity, we have the creativity, and we have the technology. In our position as the well established Local Arts Service Organization (what is a LASO?) we have the connections to reach out to a diverse, engaged cultural network.

Stay tuned in the late summer/early fall for the first Scarborough Arts Podcast; celebrating creativity and exploring the cultural fabric of Scarborough. This will be an ongoing experiment, where we can all flex our muscles as cultural leaders and artistic stewards of the East.

Please let us know if you’re interested in contributing.

Seeking Tech Guru: We’re currently looking for a tech guru who can help us capture the recordings and then edit together the first podcast.  We’ve got some sweet USB microphones: 2x Snowball Mics from Blue Microphones, in order to capture clean, crisp recordings, but we need someone who can turn the knobs and crank the dials for us while we host the conversation. We don’t yet have specific funding for this experiment, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it worth your while. Are you a broadcasting student? Do you have a business? Are you trying to gain experience? Are you already experienced and want to share your skills? Let us know how can we make this beneficial for you. Of course, you’ll be given full credit for your contribution. Think this is you? email me with the subject line “TECH GURU” – programs AT


P.S. Regarding the image for this post. I can hear you asking: “What is with the drawing of a piranha? Why? Why use a much feared, completely misunderstood carnivorous fish to announce your project? I don’t get it.” Well…neither do we completely. Not yet. It’s right though. Plus, I drew it so I don’t need to worry about usage rights.


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