Check out our inaugural group of SA Together residents!

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SA Together is a year-long residency program that offers support to arts groups, collectives, and organizations working in or based out of Scarborough. Participants of SA Together get free access to Scarborough Arts’ space, marketing and PR support, professional development workshops and educational resources, and $500 in fees that can go towards funding each group’s events or activities during the run of the program from November 2016 to September 2017. 

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Read on below to find more about our inaugural group of SA Together residents. Keep and eye on our website for news and updates!



MVDHOUSE is a brand that started about 5 years ago with a group of curators collaborating together to make art. We started by offering music and film-making services to emerging artists in our area completely free of charge. Since the inception of MVDHOUSE, the sole purpose of the brand has been to manage artists and organize events. This year, with the help of Scarborough Arts, MVDHOUSE hopes to support more artists in the city, providing them with the resources they need to grow. All forms of artists are encouraged to get involved. Everyone is welcome to express themselves. 

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Frances Potts

Frances Potts

Frances Potts is an emerging visual artist who is deeply inspired by the captivating night sky and universe that surrounds us each night. She tries to incorporate the vast sea of stars into her works in unusual and surreal ways to provoke thought and creativity. Frances Potts grew up in Scarborough, Ontario, where she works as an artist today. 

Frances enjoys working with the community wherever possible in her career. She found that art and community have a symbiotic relationship; the community benefits from arts opportunities through the revitalization of their neighbourhood, participation and/or collaboration, while artists benefit through compensation, promotion, and gratification. She relishes in the positive interaction with people of all ages during these times.


Pulari Collective

Pulari Collective was founded by three women artists: Neeraja Ramani, Thamilini Jothilingam, and Yalini Jothilingam. Although they are from diverse artistic backgrounds, the collective artistic vision and the linguistic background they share brought them together to form Pulari in 2016. They seek to create multidisciplinary art that is close to their lived experiences, collective histories, and memories. Their primary interest is in art as a way of connecting with people and communities, to initiate dialogues for continuous learning and sharing.  

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Sweat Stain Collective

Sweat Stain Collective is a one-year-old collective based in Scarborough who aims to make fitness accessible and support community health organizing. Sweat Stain Collective recognizes that health inequality is part of a larger structural issue, and health access for all would mean a total social and economic transformation of society. 

Sweat Stain uses health and fitness as a vehicle to talk about health in relation to workers rights, at the working-class community level, and “healthy” relationships. Not only are people breaking a sweat but are coming together to critically discuss the social and structural determinants of health. 

They aspire to inspire transformation of body and mind.


Wave Artist Collective

The Wave Runners Program was born out of a need for more impactful arts programming in Scarborough. In order to address the high rate of youth unemployment in the community, the program takes a unique approach: participants are not only taught digital media skills, but they also learn the creative entrepreneurship skills required to be successful in today’s technology-driven society. After gaining support from ArtReach Toronto and the Toronto Public Library, the inaugural program is set to begin in the Malvern Library’s digital media hub (The S.P.O.T) with the goal of promoting the sustainable growth of a collective of artists. 

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  1. […] This is the second year of Scarborough Arts’ SA Together Residency Program. The inaugural group of SA Together residents include Frances Potts, MVDHOUSE, Pulari Collective, Sweat Stain Collective, and the Wave Art Collective. Read more about them here.  […]

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