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EAST Youth Programs

24th January


EAST is a collaborative program for Scarborough youth between the ages of 16 and 24 who work under the guidance of professional artists, project managers, local social service providers, youth outreach workers, and peer mentors. EAST uses the universal medium of arts and creativity to encourage healthy, innovative forms of self expression; foster a sustainable, enriching relationship with the arts; teach broadly based transferable life skills; provide new and engaging social experiences; help identify future post-secondary and employment directions; and provide direct employment preparation training. All EAST workshops are free and open to all. 

This year, EAST will offer intensive workshops in music, film and photography, and theatre. For more information about EAST, contact 

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Applications are now being accepted for EAST Mixtape Challenge, a 16-week intensive program where youth can … Read More »

Senior Programs

24th January

Scarborough Arts’ Senior Programs have been in existence since 2013. The program travels to different neighbourhoods in Scarborough offering inclusive and accessible writing and visual art workshops with a goal to reduce social isolation for Scarborough’s seniors, to engage and support them on their journey of capturing and documenting their life stories, and showcasing and publication opportunities to share their stories with the public. 

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24th January

About the SA TogetherSA Together is a year-long residency program that offers support to local arts and culture groups, social and educational collectives, and non-for-profit collectives and organizations working in or based out of Scarborough. The program offers capacity-enhancing tools while building stronger connections between collectives through resource-sharing and by working together. Participants of SA Together get free access to Scarborough Arts’ space, marketing and public relations support, professional development workshops and educational resources, and access to funding that can go towards each of the participating group’s events or activities during the run of the program!

Current Updates

More information coming in the Fall of 2018!

Past Updates

November 2016 – September 2017 

The inaugural group of SA Together residents include MVDHOUSE,  Pulari Collective, Frances Potts, Wave Artist Collective, and the Sweat Stain Collective.


MVDHOUSE offers music and film-making services to emerging artists in the Scarborough area completely free of charge. Their focus is on managing artists and … Read More »


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24th January

About the SA Suite of Programs Twice a year, Scarborough Arts puts out a call to emerging and professional artists and arts educators from across the city to create our SA Suite of Programs. We offer a diverse collection of creative, innovative, and accessible workshops that take place each month in various locations across Scarborough.

These workshops cover different art disciplines including: visual art, literary art, music, dance, photography, and participatory art. Workshops are categorized into five streams namely: SA Creates, SA Writes, SA Moves, SA Talks, and SA Kids.

We invite everyone—artists or non-artists, audiences of all ages and skill levels—to explore their creative side and participate in these workshops.


The Winter/Spring 2018 SA Suite of Programs featured a variety of workshops including SA Creates: Creating Repeat Patterns, SA Moves: The Spirit of Africa, SA Writes: Zine-Building, … Read More »


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27th May

About the Annual Juried Exhibition
Every year, Scarborough Arts produces its Annual Juried Exhibition, a showcase of art created and curated in response to a themed call. We leave the interpretation of the theme up to the artists. Pieces, which can be in any medium, are selected for exhibition based upon a combination of artistic quality, technical execution, conceptual strength, originality, and impact.

The jury, made up of gallery and community arts professionals, changes each year.



Something Different includes visual art and literary pieces that demonstrate a radical approach to or experimentation in style, form, material, display methods, subject matter, or technique.


Visual Arts Juror: Jihee Min, Visual Artist / Multi-media Artist
Literary Arts Juror: Catherine Hernandez, Author / Activist / Theatre Practitioner / Artistic Director
Exhibition Dates: December 2 to 18, 2017
Location: Cedar Ridge Creative Centre 

Facebook Photos: Opening Reception



Spectacular Celebrations asked artists and writers from across the country to … Read More »


27th February

About the BIG ART BOOK
The BIG ART BOOK is a print and digital anthology of visual and literary work by local and emerging artists and writers. Building on the foundation established by the annual Youth Scholarship Awards and the 2010 Scarborough Writers’ Month, the BIG ART BOOK involves residents of all ages interested in promoting their work and connecting with like-minded members of the community.

This project was developed in response to identified needs among local Scarborough artists and a broader desire at Scarborough Arts to support intergenerational, multidisciplinary programs that are accessible to community members of all ages and interests.

2017 BIG ART BOOK: Something Different

2016 BIG ART BOOK: Spectacular Celebrations

2015 BIG ART BOOK: En Route

2014 BIG ART BOOK: Back to Basics

2013 BIG ART BOOK: Future, Human, Digital, Animal


2012 Audiocasts

These Audiocasts feature the work of six select writers and poets … Read More »


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