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A Digital Anthology of Writing & Visual Arts in Scarborough


2014 Theme: BACK TO BASICS

What inspired you to become an artist?
What is at the foundation of your practice?
What got (or gets) you started?

We leave the unique interpretation of this challenge up to you. There is no wrong answer.

*** Download the 2014 guidelines and submission form here! ***

 DEADLINE: Wednesday, March 26, 2014


What is the BIG ART BOOK project?

A fresh assortment of creativity; an invitation to make new connections; an opportunity to embrace new media and build upon traditional forms of artistic expression in Scarborough.

Click here to see last year’s Big Art Book project.

The BIG ART BOOK is about crossing creative boundaries.
The BIG ART BOOK blurs lines to link people together through original artwork and writing.
The BIG ART BOOK is about participating in a broad cultural conversation, where your input is essential.
The BIG ART BOOK is about sampling a fresh assortment of creativity.
The BIG ART BOOK is about the power of expression, and celebrating our ideas.

Scarborough is a diverse community with a creative pulse. Scarborough Arts develops, delivers and promotes arts programming and cultural initiatives in collaboration with the community.

Submission Guidelines:

1)      Submission deadline is Wednesday, March 26, 2014.
2)      Contributors whose work will be published will be contacted by email by Wednesday, April 23, 2014.
3)      Submit only your own original work.
4)      Digital submissions only; hard copies will not be accepted.
5)      Scarborough Arts has one-time print, electronic, and excerpt rights for promotional use.
6)      Final anthology will be published online for free viewing at
7)      You retain all ownership and future publication rights to your work.
8)      Entry is completely free.
9)      We encourage a voluntary but completely optional $10 contribution.
10)   Participants receive a 50% discount on new Scarborough Arts memberships.
11)   Physical anthologies will be available for purchase, following the online launch.
12)   Submissions will be reviewed by a curator; decision of curator is final. We regret that we cannot offer feedback due to volume of submissions.
13)   For written works, Scarborough Arts reserves the right to copy edit for spelling, grammar and house style.
14)   Awards include: cash, certificates, prestigious publication placement, and live readings. For more information on awards, see below.

Who Can Submit?

All residents of Ontario. Unfortunately we cannot accept out-of-province submissions at this time.
You do not need to be a member of Scarborough Arts, but we’d love it if you’d join!

What Can I Submit?

Submit 1 or 2 separate works of visual art or short pieces of writing. You may submit a mix of both visual art and writing.

Visual Arts:

• Please submit high-quality digital photos of your artwork. Do not send in original pieces of artwork (we’re making a book, so we only need photos!).

• Eligible visual art forms include: Photography, portraits, drawings, paintings, collages, animation stills, sketches, abstract work, graphic design, printmaking, sculpture, graffiti designs, stencils, doodles, comics, calligraphy, woodwork,  knitting, cross stitch, sewing, decorative arts and crafts, fashion design, still life, landscapes, environmental art…anything goes.

Short Writing:

• Limit of 100 words

• Please submit any form of writing. Be creative!

• Submissions must be typed. No computer? Let us know and we’ll help transcribe your piece.

• Eligible writing forms are things like: Poetry, spoken word, blog posts, essays (narrative, descriptive, expository), editorial pieces, private notes, single sentences, haikus, short stories, fiction, personal letters, song lyrics, play writing, vignettes, speeches, thoughts, diary entries, stream-of-consciousness…and anything else!

How to Enter:

1) Fully complete one submission form, and return it to us (by scan, fax, mail, or in person). Mailed submission forms must be postmarked on or before Wednesday, March 26, 2014. Faxed, emailed, or in-person deliveries must be received on or before Wednesday, March 26, 2014.

Mail: BIG ART BOOK 2014, Scarborough Arts, 1859 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON, M1N 1T3
Fax: 416-698-7972
Email: big AT (subject line: BIG ART BOOK 2014)

2) Email us a digital copy of your artwork or writing. Send all complete submissions to: (subject line: BIG ART BOOK 2014). For images, we accept hi-res JPGs (300 dpi). For writing, we accept .doc, .docx, and .rtf formats. Please name your files in the following way: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_TITLEOFPIECE (e.g. SMITH_JANE_THERAINBOW).

Awards Available
* The Nikita Marner Award ($150) presented to an outstanding young visual artist
* The Eugenie Shehirian Award ($150) presented to an outstanding young poet or writer
* Monica Ladell Award ($150) to an outstanding adult poet or writer
* The Scarborough Arts Award ($150) to an outstanding adult visual artist.

Is this project worth $10 to you?  Please help us with a donation!

Scarborough Arts is dedicated to providing accessible programming for Scarborough (and beyond).  We attempt to make all our programs free or very affordable. There are, however, costs associated with our programming and we rely on donations to operate. If you like what we do and want to support us doing it please join our $10 Homegrown Campaign.

Is our programming worth $10 to you?  CLICK HERE TO SAY YES!


Not sure if your stuff is acceptable for the BIG ART BOOK? No problem – just ask us!
Email big AT, or call 416-698-7322.


4 responses to “BIG ART BOOK”

  1. william k. mcconnell says:

    it looks like your form links have not been put
    through yet for big art book 2014-so how can I
    submit the poems?

    • scararts says:

      Hi William: The link to download the submission form should be working (it’s up near the top of the page). If you still can’t download it, send an email to big AT and we’ll email one to you. Thanks!

  2. Jessie Gordon says:

    I am submitting an entry on behalf of a group of quilters from Birchcliff Bluffs United Church. I have put the picture and info on a document page but would have a better photo if it is going to publication. Is someone doing page layouts once the entries are selected? J.G.

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