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Colours of Your Soul


Anna Azucena’s series, “Colours of Your Soul” is her rendition/interpretation of the Chakras (The 7 circular energy points in the body). With the amount of negativity happening around the world, she wanted to share key knowledge about our bodies and the energy that is overflowing in, through and outside of us.

a.i.Azucena is a Toronto Latina Artist that uses her creativity to spread love through whimsical textured Art, Spiritual Worlds of Sacred Geometry and the Chakras.

As her spirit and mind grows so does the art she creates for others. Her goal has always been to spread positive energy and knowledge using all forms of art she’s learned along her journey.


In a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and taught the order of living, trying to find out true selves can be difficult and may seem unnecessary. Through my art and what I’m learning about myself I want to spark just a little bit of light; I seek to share the power and magic that is truly within us all.

To understand ourselves beyond money and careers and dig deeper to the root of who we are as humans is imperative. We are connected to each other regardless of the things they try to separate us from. Our nationalities, our skin colours, our language, our religion — these make us beautiful and rather than allowing these things to separate us we need to see the connection and be connected.

As an artist and a spiritual being, I began my journey with the Chakra’s when a complete stranger told me I was radiated Orange and to look up what that meant. The transition I was at in that moment was on point with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Orange depicting Creation/Creativity was on point. I began to dig deeper into the other 6 Chakra’s, to understand what my body was telling me, it’s strengths and it’s growth’s.

In Sanskrit Chakra means wheel, referring to the spinning energy within each Chakra. Beginning from the base of our spine to the top of our head, each energy point is depicted in a different colour, each specific to organs in the body and even foods that help heal and heighten these energy points.

September 4 – October 31



October 11, 2019 5 PM – 9 PM

Bluffs Gallery at Scarborough Arts
1859 Kingston Road
Scarborough, ON M1N 1T3


Thinking past College, a.i.Azucena started her journey with the love of art in elementary school when graffiti was what inspired her to write and doodle words of inspiration. She would research popular graffiti artists around the world, purchase books on these artists and try to copy their techniques and flows. Going into highschool, she had her own style and would now be drawing on binders and journals for herself and friends; again words of inspiration. 


The interesting thing was that a.i. didn’t have confidence in her drawing skills, didn’t truly see it going anywhere. But, she knew she wanted to inspire people in some form of creativity. She’d use colours, words and textures to describe a deeper story. Her Art Teacher tried to motivate her to go further in visual arts but her confidence was lacking and she applied for Graphic Design at Humber College. Being apart of the yearbook committed for 3 years in highschool, it only seemed to make sense. Learning Adobe Creative Suite and the beauty behind typography and layouts, she loved it. She learnt about branding and marketing, something she still enjoys to this day but she knew something deeper was out there for her. 


Into her mid 20s was when she decided to launch a website, a place she could write, use her own personal photography and typographic doodles to inspire others by sharing stories and interviews with people that motivated her. It wasn’t until her late 20s that she wanted to go back into visual arts, to use graffiti and painting to light the fire in her again. 


Present tense, she is using all avenues of creativity she has learnt along the way and painting has been the forefront of it all. Not one medium defines her, nor does she want it to. Art imitates life and that’s all she plans to do using what God gave her. If she can spark a tiny bit of light and peace in someone, then her work is complete. 

Instagram: @a.i.azucena


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