35th Annual Juried Exhibition: Beloved Community

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Beloved Community: Reflecting On Methods of Care In Times Of Need

About The Annual Juried Exhibition

Scarborough Arts’ Annual Juried Exhibition (AJE) is a yearly showcase of community artworks responding to a specific theme. Artists submit works in categories for visual arts and writing, and are selected for exhibition based upon a combination of artistic quality, technical execution, conceptual strength, originality, and impact. The jury, made up of gallery and community arts professionals, changes each year.

About Beloved Community

The many challenging events of the past year have reminded us all of the responsibility to care; for ourselves, for each other, and the environment around us. Through our landmark 35th Annual Juried exhibition we wish to highlight the necessity for collective care and the ways in which we enact this care, especially during times of great need. 

The title of our 35th Annual Juried Exhibition, “Beloved Community” derives from Martin Luther King Jr.’s concept of all individuals in society working towards the attainable eradication of racism, violence, suffering, and oppression. On beloved community, author bell hooks further notes that: “beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that shape who we are and how we live in the world.” Thus, through the example of “Beloved Community,” we are individually called to personal accountability in achieving the collective goal of wellbeing for all. 

In thinking about this title, theme, and bell hooks’ quote on “Beloved Community,” we invited artists, writers, and poets, to consider how art acts as a mechanism for collective care, through individual responsibility. We encourage submissions by artists that reflect questions such as: How does art play a role in communities in times of need? How does art connect us as individuals and communities from various walks of life? How does art act as a mechanism for raising awareness of injustices, to relay collective joys, to embody communal celebration, and to express demands for change?

The jurors of this exhibition were artist Sarvenaz Rayati and writer Natasha Ramoutar. Pieces are selected by a panel of Jurors based upon a combination of quality, technical execution, conceptual strength, originality, and impact. For the AJE 2020, selected works fell into the categories of Visual Art and Writing.

Virtual Exhibition Instructions

Due to public health regulations and for the safety of our artists and patrons, the Annual Juried Exhibition is being held virtually for the first time in Scarborough Arts history. 

Below you will find the link to the virtual interactive exhibition. 

Instructions for Virtual Exhibition:

1) Please click the button to be directed to the virtual exhibition. 

2) Press the “Start The Guided Tour” button to watch a walkthrough of the exhibition. We suggest using this option as you will be able to interact with the works and click on the works in order to read more information. We also suggest making the exhibition “Fullscreen” at the top left corner of the exhibition screen in order to fully view the works and text. 

3) Double click the individual works and writings on the wall in order to read further information including the artist statements and biographies. 

4) If you want to move to specific areas in the exhibition, please see the map in the bottom left corner where you will be able to travel quickly to different areas of the virtual gallery. 

Please note that some of the images and text may appear in less quality in the exhibition than they do in person due to different technical capabilities of some computers. If you are experiencing difficulties with image quality please refer to the Big Art Book for maximum viewing of visual works. 

Along with the 35th Annual Juried Exhibition, Scarborough Arts is also pleased to offer our 7th edition of the Big Art Book. The Big Art Book is a yearly printed anthology of visual arts and literature, and has been published by Scarborough Arts as a companion to the Annual Juried Exhibition. This year we are pleased to offer the Big Art Book, once again, after pausing the publishing since 2017. Please click the button below to view the Big Art Book. 

Congratulations to all exhibiting artists and writers! 

Alessandra Pozzuoli, Angela Chao, Anne Winter, Ashley Gittens, Dana Sewell, Denise Kemp, Elvin Velasco, Huda Salha, Jennifer Toffoli, Jennylynd James, Karmuhilan Chellakkannu, Ken Chan, Krystal Jagoo, Lesley Williams, Mahnaz Nezarati, Megan Pearson, Natalie Plociennik, Noaman Rahin, Pat Tadier, Patty Hargreaves, Saira Ansari, Sherlyn Hu, Star Nahwegahbo, Sylvie Stojanovski, Tamara Masa Vojinovic, Tanya Adèle Koehnke, Tiffany Dawe, Tina Kabir, and Vidya Kumar. 

Thank you to our sponsors and supports for the Annual Juried Exhibition:

Ontario Arts Council, City of Toronto, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, and Delta Downsview Bingo & Gaming. 

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