10 Reasons to Visit the University of Toronto Scarborough Right Now

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10 Reasons to Visit the University of Toronto Scarborough Right Now 

The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) is a fascinating place to explore, from the beautiful architecture and landscapes to the lively cultural events, there is no shortage of excitement on this university’s grounds. The campus is well worth a trip out even if you’re not a  student!


Here are 10 reasons to explore the University of Toronto Scarborough right now. 


 1. Explore the beautiful and famous architecture.

UTSC has some of the most beautiful and photogenic architecture. The Science and Humanities wings were designed by Australian architect John Hamilton Andrews in a popular style of the 1960s called “Brutalism”. The grey colour and rigid angular shapes that can be found in campus spots like The Meeting Place are sought out by the film industry, especially for science fiction films. The building also makes several appearances in the music video “Secrets” by Toronto-born rap artist, The Weeknd.


2. Take a quick break in nature by walking through the Highland Creek Valley. 

The Highland Creek Valley is the perfect place to escape the business of the university. The UTSC trail down into the Valley has just reopened allowing all members of the Scarborough community access to the beautiful Highland Creek. Bring a guide book or someone from the Environmental Science program at UTSC and see how many trees, plants, and birds you can identify!


3. Tend a garden, make friends with bees, and support local businesses.

Speaking of the environment, want to explore more nature at UTSC? Spend your time at the UTSC Farmers Market! If you plan your trip right, you can also help tend the campus community garden, view the beehives in the pollinator habitat, or take a leisurely stroll down the rock walk. The Farmers Market sometimes sells honey that the UTSC bees make. How cute is that?   


4. Experience some of the best events in Scarborough. 

With over 200 clubs, there is never a dull moment on this campus. Visit some of the major events that occur such as ARTSIDEOUT, the one-day multidisciplinary arts festival held on October 3rd, 2019 this year and TedxUTSC, the campus’ yearly Ted Talk community gathering. On any given day you can find the campus live with fashion shows, dance performances, and film screenings.


5. Take a photo with The Scarborough Sign and win a shopping spree at Scarborough Town Centre and prize packages valued at over $400!

The Scarborough Sign is a mobile public art installation, developed by Scarborough Arts in collaboration with the UTSC and Scarborough communities, that has been traveling all across Scarborough for the past two years. Take part in The Scarborough Sign Photo Contest! From now until the extended date of September 27th, instagram a creative photo with The Scarborough Sign and enter for the chance to win a ton of great prizes. Make sure your instagram account is public and you tag us with #ScarboroughSign!   


6. Sink your teeth into the best hot dogs in the city. 

A not-so-hidden secret on campus is the highly popular hot dog stand run by Nasir Alhuttam. Running for almost 15 years, Nasir’s Hot Dog stand at UTSC has become a staple go-to for student lunches. There is often a line, but the food is well worth your wait. Nasir usually has a riddle posted on a sandwich board to entertain the line. Head down and see if you can solve the mystery!


7. Learn to rock climb and deep dive all in one place.

The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre is an expansive recreation centre just a short walk away from UTSC . Purchase a day pass and gain access to several pools, a rock climbing wall, yoga studios, and a large, fully equipped gym. Hungry after? No worries, the sports centre has a variety of food options including that tempting post-workout slice of pizza.  


8. View art from local, national, and international contemporary artists. 

The Doris McCarthy Gallery is a professional public art gallery on campus that exhibits works by Canadian and international contemporary artists . If you’re looking for more local content, visit the student-run gallery, Gallery 1265 which features all UTSC student artists.


9. Visual arts not your thing? Visit the theatre or join Ukulele Jam!

UTSC loves music and the performing arts. The campus has their own radio station, choir, bands, and theatre! Attend a play at the Leigha Lee Browne Theatre, or join the campus ukulele jam held every Wednesday afternoon. 


10. The UTSC geese, of course.

Yes, the UTSC geese have to make this list. There is much debate over our animal friends. Some campus-goers love them, some hate them, but we can all agree that we cannot stop talking about them! Visit the campus today and see if you can gain a new friend with the local UTSC geese.

And there you have it, 10 reasons to visit the University of Toronto Scarborough right now! Did we miss anything?

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